Saturday April 25 – Save the Date!


On Saturday April 25, The Sarasota Institute will present two one-hour virtual symposiums.


These are a part of the virtual mini-symposiums we are producing that view some of our 10 topics through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We at the Institute think that this pandemic will have significant short, mid and long-term effects socially, economically and culturally.


Institute members know that we had to cancel both the March 7 symposium “The New Health Age of the 21st Century” and the April 25 symposium  “The Future of Democracy and Capitalism” that were to be held in the Neel Performing Arts Center on the SCF campus.  Both of these will be rescheduled in the fourth quarter of this year.


Here are the two one-hour virtual symposiums we will be offering on Saturday April 25, 2020


10-11a  “How Might the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Capitalism?”

 Presenter:  Phil Kotler, Co-Founder of the Institute

Moderator:  David Houle, Co-Founder and Managing Director


2-3p  “How Might the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Democracy?”

 Co-Presenters:  Jason Voss  Co-Founder , David Houle


Both of these virtual symposiums are to be interactive with questions from any attendees.  We look forward to great Q&A in both.



We will be sending Zoom meeting invitations to all members and registrants of the original April 25 symposiums.  We invite members to share these invites with friends.  We have a maximum of 100 attendees.  For our first virtual symposium “How Might COVID-19 Affect Higher Education” held on April 2 we were over subscribed


Both of these symposiums will be recorded and will be available for members only on our web site the week after April 25.

If you have not downloaded our whitepaper already you might do so to prepare for these symposiums.

Invitations will be sent out at least a week before April 25.


We look forward to your participation!






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