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Support 21st century thinking that is policy neutral, global, and focused on providing unique solutions to the Big Issues confronting humanity. We are a membership driven organization.

Membership Details

Here is what a membership will entail


Free attendance to all webinars. Given our global reach, all webinars will be recorded and made available to members within 72 hours behind the membership sign-in wall so they can be viewed at any time convenient for members.


Free attendance at our two “virtual mini-symposiums” which are planned to be two 2-hour blocks of live programming on a single day. These mini-symposiums can be attended live or viewed at any time 72 hours later behind the member wall.


Free access to all whitepapers written by the Institute.


Members-only opportunity to engage Institute for thought papers, private and corporate advising or unique webinars or symposia.

Individual Membership

$125 a year.  12 months from date of sign-up

Multiple Memberships
  • 3 memberships [purchased at one time] – $300
  • 5 memberships  [purchased at one time] – $400



Due to COVID-19 and our belief that the virus will affect conferences at least through 2021 and perhaps longer, we have made a big, fundamental change in our membership structure, fees and offerings. Please read below:


We are converting our mission from producing 4-5 symposiums a year at the Neel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota-Bradenton Florida to virtual offerings. Each 12-month period we will produce 10 webinars – one for each topic listed above- and 2 virtual symposiums on two of them.


We were charging $250 per person for 12-month memberships that provided free attendance at the symposiums and access to material behind the membership sign-in wall on this web site. The vast majority of members were therefore people who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida.


We have thousands of email subscribers from 22 countries, and many have reached out to us about membership. We now want to serve these companies and individuals in addition to all our current members. The best way to do that is make all our offerings on-line via Zoom and other technologies.


Effective immediately, a 12-month membership [from the date of sign-up] will be $125. All current paid members will have their $250 memberships extended to 12/31/21 a 12-14 month extension. All current members can now fully participate in the Institute without any health risks.